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Listen. Think. Love. Our only Choices.

My heart hurts this morning and tears keep leaking out at unexpected times. I have such a depth of sorrow about the events over the past week. I remember remarking to my mister last summer during the Ferguson riots that … Continue reading

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The Grief of an Ex-Wife

It has been a little over a year since my ex-husband died. A year of shepherding my two almost adult sons through the toughest times of their young lives. A year of learning that the grieving process is not really … Continue reading

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End of the Endless Summer – #reverb10

December 16, 2010 #reverb10 Prompt by @curiousmartha: Friendship. How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst? “I meant every word I said.” Those six words, spoken … Continue reading

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Life is too precious to live it half-assed.

 One of my dearest friends just lost her husband to pancreatic cancer today. Another will be heading down to visit her mother who just had another 4 stints placed in her heart.  My prayers are with them and their families. … Continue reading

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“You let loss be your guide…”

There’s a song by the Broken Bells, “The High Road” that points out the high road is hard to find and detours abound. The chorus includes the line “you let loss be your guide”.  My interpretation of the lyrics is that the songwriter believes this … Continue reading

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First Father’s Day without a Father – toughest day in a long time.

Rough day at the homestead. But another holiday under the boys’ belts. Who knew that grieving took so long? Oh yeah – everyone who has ever lost someone that they loved. I pray that some day they will be able … Continue reading

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High School Perspectives – Mine & My Son’s

I have been stumbling down memory lane today and I gotta tell ya, it is a bit distracting. Re-discovering the people and events that have taken up residence in the archives of my mind draws a lot of my mental … Continue reading

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