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The Neuroscience of Gratitude

I wanted to share a quick read with you about the brain science behind gratitude. I have been working on being consciously grateful for some time now. Gratitude pulls me out of the doldrums faster than most anything else I … Continue reading

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It is just a ride…right?

I am tired…aren’t you? I am tired of the lack of compassion, the preponderance of fear, and inability of many people to actually consider a differing point of view as valid. On Facebook, people are color-filtering their profile pictures in … Continue reading

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A 70th birthday/pool party/luau/mistake?

Community: I am partying with the #reverb10 crowd this December. They provide the daily prompts and bloggers provide the random daily thoughts. Enjoy! December 9 Prompt: What social gathering knocked your socks off in 2010? Now you may ask how … Continue reading

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“Uh, no…I am a mocker” – Ringo Starr, “A Hard Day’s Night”

We just saw The Beatles’ “Hard Day’s Night” on the big screen. There were times that I felt we need sub-titles to understand what in the world George was saying.  And there were times that the cinematography took my breath … Continue reading

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Flipping the Cup and Reading the Present

“A relationship is reborn whenever you see someone as they are right now and don’t hold them to who they were” – Marianne Williamson, Everyday Grace Last night I had the good fortune to re-connect with an old friend. We … Continue reading

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A Dog Hair of a Quote…

“Genuine love is volitional rather than emotional. The person who truly loves, does so because of a decision to love. This person has made a commitment to be loving, whether or not the loving feeling is present.”  -M. Scott Peck … Continue reading

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A Spoonful of Cinnamon

As of late, I feel arid. No juices flowing, no mojo, no nothing.  Like I tried to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon. If you don’t know what I am referring to, there’s a viral experiment being recorded and played on … Continue reading

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