Bridge the Hyper-partisan Divide


So what is next? In a few days, we will have a group of Americans who feel that they have lost and a group of Americans who feel that they have won. And I ask of you, now what do we do?

This is a great TedTALK from 2012 with Jonathan Haidt, Professor of Ethical Leadership at NYU. I encourage all of you to watch it.

This talk highlights how the left and right see different “asteroids” that are about to hit our country in the next 50 years and how even though both sides are hyper-focused on different issues, all of these issues (there are 4 of them: climate change, climbing national debt, income inequality, and the rise of non-marital births) can be addressed by coming together to address them as “common threats”.

In reference to economic inequality, he states that we are NOT all in the same boat and that creates a scenario where people are NOT willing to sacrifice for the common good.

He suggests that it is time to take off the political blinders of hyper-partisanship and force Congress to get back to working together against these common threats. How?

1. Elect fewer hyper-partisans by having more open primaries

2. Weaken pressure to act hyper-partisan by counteracting “Citizens United”
3. Rebuild cross-party relationships by changing the legislative calendar to 3 weeks on/1 week off

He recommends the following sites:

And the book that I am going to read this weekend:

 The Parties vs The People, How to turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans, by Mickey Edwards

So, what am I going to do? Turn off the rhetoric, I have already voted and have no need to be swayed nor have a desire to be bombarded with ads. And I am going to read this book over the weekend, and figure out how I can be the best American that I can be in the coming months. Partisanship be damned.



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