My Spiritual Manifesto or What It Means to be Me

morning coffee“Everything in my life is controlled by love, harmony and peace; …everything I do prospers, and the Eternal Energy back of all things animates everything which I undertake.” –E. Holmes, Science of Mind, 169.3

It has taken me many years to become comfortable in my spiritual skin. Although I no longer practice the faith that I grew up in, the faith that I grew into allows me to honor all that is God around me. And since I know that God is in and is of everything, my spiritual life is bright, hope- and love-filled.

My Spiritual Manifesto or What It Means to be Me

To be me means to be open to the possibility of what’s next. To be me is to be shedding fear and replacing it with excitement. Being me is to be the “chalice of expectancy”, that metaphor with which I have fell in love. It means to be walking through this world with my arms opened wide to catch the goodness that is everywhere and is mine to claim. To be me is to be in practice of an abundant and balanced life. I see possibility in every situation and person.

To be me is to recognize that the God within me, is the same God who is outwardly expressed as me. Joyously.Lovingly. Freely. Harmoniously. To be me is to cry when I see or hear perfection in art, music or poetry. To be me is to crack open in the presence of authenticity. This is my consistent practice of the principles that I have been opening up to my entire life.

To be me is to be practicing forgiveness and to finally understand how truly transformational it is. I am realizing that the forgiveness is a gift to me above all others and that in forgiving, I am capable of receiving even more and more love. To be me is to be experiencing a softening of the walls around my heart, to be experiencing fluidity, a porousness of my heart, my soul and mind. To be me is to be in practice of seeing God in all situations.

To be me is also to know that I do not always behave in the ways that I aspire to. That I get weary and distracted. That sometimes, I just do not care. Those times of being disconnected to the core of me are hard but very real. And the beauty that is NOT me but that I completely depend upon is grace. Grace bubbles up from that sacred God-space within each of us. It is not who I am, but who God is. And I relish the grace that is mine to claim. Grace allows me to return to my center of being at any chosen moment. Grace allows me to be just where I am, recognize where I am not and if I choose, head towards what truly is my heart’s desire.

What does it mean to be you?


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life is good and only getting better - looking for ways to see the heart of a person each and every day - if the chatter is too loud - simply turn down the volume - but don't tune out - you might miss something grand!
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2 Responses to My Spiritual Manifesto or What It Means to be Me

  1. Jack Saunsea says:

    From the quote, the word “controlled” is interesting to me. Because I think in the context of the quote this type of control is also the epitome of freedom, which is usually viewed as in opposition to control.

    To me, freedom is what births, or as he says “controls,” love, harmony, and peace. These are the qualities of who we are in Truth.

  2. joyfultrip says:

    It is easy to forget that there is grace, that we are still part of God’s perfection when we feel disconnected from it or have been brought to our knees by something unexpected or painful. I know that I strive to remember that all is God no matter how my mere mortal mind may perceive it.

    Thanks for such a lovely piece! It was a great way to start my Friday!

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