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In light of my Starbucks card dilemma…

An interesting story popped up in the LA Times…Check out Jonathan Stark’s proposition!

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Strawberries and Balsamic – Who Knew? (Summer of Salads #2)

How does something so acidic make something that is already sweet, sweeter? I am sure that the answer is fascinating, but it is a rhetorical question. I really don’t care about the chemistry , it is just so damn delicious! … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Moral Dilemma

Monday Morning Moral Dilemma:I registered a Starbucks card awhile back and have no idea what happened to it. I don’t think there was any money on it when I lost it. Recently, I have started getting free drink coupons in … Continue reading

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Summer of Salads #1

My Camera is broken, so no pictures until the next paycheck. But isn’t that precisely why we have imaginations? Summer Bounty Salad #1 Serves 2. This salad came together as a “leftover salad” from our cookout the night before. The … Continue reading

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Gratitude Valley

Last weekend, we drove to Yosemite Valley for a short overnight trip. We left on Sunday morning and returned Monday night. While there, we heard French, German, and Southern accents and I marvelled that I live in a place that people … Continue reading

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Weekend Yummm – Watermelon Gin Cocktail

Sorry no pictures – but a brief cocktail recipe Watermelon Gin Cocktail 1 c. watermelon chunks Juice from 1/2 a lime Handful of ice chips Splash of grenadine to taste, dependant on the sweetness of the watermelon Gin, enough to … Continue reading

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