What is Green and Delicious?

Why Kale soaked in Olive Oil & Miso then dried, of course! It is the new header on my site, and was a tasty as it is beautiful. I was the “photographer”, and I use the term loosely, at a friend’s 50th birthday over the weekend. The caterer, Joni Sare, http://jonisare.com, made many delicious dishes – but the Kale was by far the prettiest in the sunlight. Who knew that kale chips would be the first food to be devoured?

Check out Joni’s site – her food is nutritious and delicious.


About schetgenhaus

life is good and only getting better - looking for ways to see the heart of a person each and every day - if the chatter is too loud - simply turn down the volume - but don't tune out - you might miss something grand!
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