A 70th birthday/pool party/luau/mistake?

Community: I am partying with the #reverb10 crowd this December. They provide the daily prompts and bloggers provide the random daily thoughts. Enjoy!

December 9 Prompt: What social gathering knocked your socks off in 2010?

Now you may ask how a 70th birthday party would be the “rockingest” shindig of 2010. Let’s just say a sexy Hawaiian dress, sassy sandals and a whole lot of fruity island drinks were involved.  My decision to attend could be considered purely selfish. I had been dieting and had just been able to fit back into my favorite souvenir from a trip I had taken to Hawaii – a form fitting sheath that rocked my curves in all the right places. I had found deliciously sassy flip flops that were its perfect compliment. Throw in a man who I wanted to show off what he was missing and I had the recipe for, well I wasn’t sure for what, but for something.

As usual, I was late, the party was moving along at a leisurely afternoon bbq pace. People gathered in small groups, laughing, eating and then repeating.  Lots of yummy appetizers on the patio tables and the bartender was pouring with a heavy hand, as only 21 year old will do.  I walked through the sliding glass door and was greeted by hugs from friends and admiring comments on my new look. The birthday girl was all smiles, happy to see so many of her beloveds gathered in one place. I was happy to be there for her and felt a twinge of shame, knowing that I had a slightly alterior motive.  Well, maybe “alterior” isn’t the correct word, more like “dual” motive. I confidently scanned the patio –

And then we saw each other – and I got the reaction I had dressed for. Score! Or maybe not…although I wanted to flaunt what I had become, I thought I had discarded all the feelings I used to have. I thought that this was just a bit of flirty fun with a guy from my past.  Oops! Wrong thought! Warning lights flashed, sirens sounded and my heart flipped. Damnit! What to do? Leave quickly? Too late for that. Ignore him? Already made eye contact. Stride confidently up to him and give him a hug hello? BINGO! At least then I could pretend that I was in control.

I let myself get caught up in the energy of the evening. There was so much joy and laughter flowing, it was impossible not to. The party rocked. With the revelation that all may not be right in my emotional world, I wisely chose to remain fairly sober.  There were people in the hot tub, then there were topless people in the hot tub. There was a beer pong raft floating in the pool with many empty cups floating alongside.  Every last bit of food was eaten, presents opened and exclaimed over. “Happy Birthday” was sung and candles were blown out.  The iPod playlist was the perfect mix of 50’s swing, 60’s folk and 70s disco. People danced and laughed and danced some more. The more conservative guests left early, before the topless hot tubbing, and the wilder folks were just revving up when I decided it was time to leave. 

Even with the emotional nausea I experienced earlier in the evening, I had a wonderful time. 70 years is a big deal. By 70, you have grand-kids, maybe even great-grandkids. By 70, people that you have loved your entire life are beginning to cross over to the other side. I believe you make sure you are sharing your memories, possibly because you don’t know how many more memories you will be making. And you truly treasure every moment with your family and friends.

As the party progressed, I could see the love in the birhday girl’s eyes and felt it in her hugs when she left for home. Just to set the record straight, she didn’t leave THAT early, she  definitely leans to the wilder side of the guest spectrum. There is no conservative blood running through her veins, this I know for sure.

The music continued and a bunch of us took the party over to another backyard, leaving my intended target of the sultry dress home to clean up the party mess and me to clean up the self-made new mess that existed inside my mind/heart/soul.

Most memorable party? Most definitely! Aren’t roller coaster rides better than carousels?


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One Response to A 70th birthday/pool party/luau/mistake?

  1. I just love your writing. made me want to be there. and you need to message me I want to know more about this guy!! E

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