“Uh, no…I am a mocker” – Ringo Starr, “A Hard Day’s Night”

We just saw The Beatles’ “Hard Day’s Night” on the big screen. There were times that I felt we need sub-titles to understand what in the world George was saying.  And there were times that the cinematography took my breath away.

What a fantastic look into the early days of Beatlemania. To see what inspired “The Monkees” television show and how British humor is simply that, British humor.  The actor, Wilfrid Brambell was a riot as Paul’s “clean” grandfather, a reference I didn’t get until I looked it up on Wikipedia. he epitomizes what humor can be and should be. (You will just have to look it yourself to understand the reference!)

With Richard Lester at the helm, the film set the tone for the 60’s spy thriller and was nominated for two Academy Awards. Looking back, you can see its influence all over pop culture. It was also where George met Patricia Boyd.

The movie provided the opportunity to expose the boys to the roots of something that is so important to them, rock music. Nate picked up the movie soundtrack on vinyl at the flea market this morning. Listening to it on a turntable with all its pops and cracks was a treat. After the movie, on the ride home, they were talking about how cool it would be to bring back the look the of the Beatles. Where would they find skinny ties? They really wouldn’t have to do much with their hair, etc.  Why don’t men wear suits anymore?

My youngest finally admitted that maybe, possibly, drum lessons were in order if he wanted to really play well.  They tried to decide which Beatle they were. Matt decided he was George and his older brother was definitely Paul.  Laughter ensued. That leaves the role of Ringo and John, any takers?

The Beatles were so young in this movie and their lives forever changed afterwards.  Looking at the album cover, it stuck me that only that there are only two left, top left and bottom right. 

“Are you a mod or a rocker?” His answer should have been, “I am a Beatle.”


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2 Responses to “Uh, no…I am a mocker” – Ringo Starr, “A Hard Day’s Night”

  1. erin diffenderfer says:

    made me smile for sure!

    • terio says:

      Erin – You are my biggest fan! Many thanks for that! I am thinking Nashville? I have never been…or Charleston — then you could give me the grand tour!

      Your thoughts?

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