“let it go” vs. “now what?”

Little Butano Creek - Joe Decker

Little Butano Creek - Joe Decker - http://www.rockslidephoto.com

In the world according to me, my unemployment does not officially begin until Monday. In case you missed the big news, I was laid off on the Monday before Thanksgiving. Being a contractor, I was lucky that my boss paid me through the end of November – one of the benefits of being project driven vs. an hourly wage, I guess. So the big “NOW WHAT?” has been postponed for another 36 hours – once again in the world according me. As a 1099 contractor, I didn’t pay into the unemployment system, thus I’ll be unable to withdraw from it. Talk about lighting a fire under my arse!

Of my six closest friends, only one of us is employed and making the kind of money he should be making, of course he may argue that point. And even his situation is dicey, as he is also a contractor. Two of my most brillant of friends are seriously under-employed…either not working to their true potential or being woefully (I adore that word!) underpaid for what they are doing. The other three are like me – unemployed and uncertain of what to do next.

Now we are all average folk. We aren’t over-educated or over-qualified, we are hard working, honest, smart people who try to make the mortgage and pay the bills on time. And yet, here we sit!

Its difficult not to fret. Not to work myself up into a frenzied worry-fest, throwing “What ifs” around like a live hand grenade. (Can you tell I’ve been caged with my two teenage boys and Gears of War 2?) I know its important to come up with a strategy, to map out what’s next.


I am surrendering my “NOW WHAT” for “LET IT GO”. Just for the next 36 hours or so. If I cannot “LET IT GO” at THIS moment before all the worry sets in – then how in the hell will I be able to “LET IT GO” when my world is imploding around me?

“LET IT GO” gives me the permission to enjoy the gorgeous late autumn weather we are experiencing here in Northern California – it will allow me to squish the sand between my toes tomorrow and taste the salty sea air as I watch the surfers take to the waves. “LET IT GO” will give me the quiet stillness of the redwoods and the dampness of the forest floor.

For the moment, “LET IT GO” trumps “NOW WHAT?” and allows me to breath.


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life is good and only getting better - looking for ways to see the heart of a person each and every day - if the chatter is too loud - simply turn down the volume - but don't tune out - you might miss something grand!
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2 Responses to “let it go” vs. “now what?”

  1. Dave Oss says:

    Teri, hang in there and keep on breathing deep. I know something will happen for you, just like it always has. The times are tough, but you are strong, you believe in yourself, and because of that, any fears shall not hold you back. You will be able to make something happen, i just know it…:)

    Hope you have a good Monday, and know i will help you in any way I can. Need someone to get on the phone with a potential employer to tout your amazing skills? I’ll do it/…. Just call me.

    See ya –


  2. Ben Martella says:

    Hey Teri! I resemble that remark! I think “LET IT GO” is one of the five stages of being self-employed in this economy. 😀

    Hopefully we all will find our way to the opportunity which must exist in this challenge. I have a few things I’m working on and if any of them close we might have an opportunity to work together.

    Remember you have talent and friends! Now it becomes a matter of laying out business and personal plans and keeping focused on your goals.

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