“A Mutt Like Me”

“Every dog must have his day.” – Jonathan Swift

According to the pundits, this phrase has pulled the discussion of race out of White House. Obama used these four lil words to describe the promised puppy he hoped to give his daughters once he won the election.  These words claim no racial allegiance. How far we have come in less than a week. How could he claim allegiance? He is just white as he is black. This utterance, this off-handed comment, may have finally laid to rest the issue of race in America. Maybe “laid to rest” is too sweeping – too broad – but President-elect Obama has given a new forum for a positive racial discourse  that our nation so sorely needs to have. By casually acknowledging his mixed racial heritage – Obama has given the citizenry a powerful message, he simply is an American.

 “A mutt like me” – how many of us can claim a pedigree heritage? Possibly only the most recent of immigrants and that minute percentage of the super-rich. The rest of us don’t carry papers from the AKC – we are mutts- just like Obama. Maybe thats the draw. Who better to lead us into the diversity of our next generation than a mutt? Who better to handle the challenges of globalization than a man of mixed race and creed, a man who has ties to many points on the globe?

Taking the analogy further – dog owners will attest that mutts are the best type of dog to have. They don’t have the inherent in-bred problems of pure-bred breeds.  And yet they seem to retain all the good characteristics of their pedigreed forefathers. We can leave the crap of racial exclusivity behind us and celebrate the inclusivity of being mutts together. FINALLY.

Thank you President-elect Obama.

“I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons.” – Will Rogers


About schetgenhaus

life is good and only getting better - looking for ways to see the heart of a person each and every day - if the chatter is too loud - simply turn down the volume - but don't tune out - you might miss something grand!
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One Response to “A Mutt Like Me”

  1. Kam says:

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven,
    then when I die I want to go
    where they went.” – Will Rogers

    Hopefully, President Obama will be there, too.

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